Exploring Off-Campus Living

Off-Campus Living is dedicated to providing University of Pittsburgh students with the necessary information and tools to successfully reside in off-campus accommodations. We provide an informative Renters’ Guide, apartment listings and neighborhood descriptions, useful tips, and contact information to assist you in your role as tenant.

Timing is Everything!

When looking for off-campus accommodations, timing is key. Summer is for relaxing, so start the apartment search process now by using the information provided by this website and you’All be sure to find suitable accommodations for fall.

Find Off-Campus Housing in Pittsburgh with College Pads

We’ve partnered with College Pads to help students find off-campus housing in Pittsburgh! College Pads provides Panthers with an educational digital tool to help review leases, compare off-campus housing options, rent from high-rated landlords, find roommates, and sublet existing units. Learn More »

Attention Residents: Update to City Waste Code

The City of Pittsburgh has updated municipal waste code 619. This update places new responsibilities on renters and includes the following revisions:
  • Landlords and tenants are both responsible for adhering to the waste code and both parties will be cited for failure to comply
  • Clarification of waste disposal and recycling guidelines
  • Explicitly states the mandate to recycle
For more information, view the Waste and Recycling FAQ.

Understand Your Lease Before You Sign It

Signing a lease for a new apartment can be exciting—and a little intimidating. View a PowerPoint presentation on what to expect.

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