Roommate Request for Jack

Contact Info

Name: Jack Last Name: FioreGender: MalePhone: 7173815845Work Phone:

Request Type: I need a room taken over in an apartment

Maximum Monthly Rent per Person: $ 500.00

Estimated Monthly Utilities: $ 100.00

Location: South Oakland

Address: 3104 Kennet Sq. Pittsburgh, Pa 15213

Unit Size: 4-Bedroom

Furnished or Unfurnished? Furnished

How many roommates do you want/need? 1-2

Rental Features
Washer+Dryer, Street Parking, 4 Bedroom, 1 Full bath, 1 Powder room, Kitchen, small backyard.

Indicate what you prefer in a roommate
We have 3 of us total so far (2 guys, 1 girl) and are looking for a few more roommates to make rent affordable. We are all undergraduates looking for relatively relaxed roommates, not a partier and cat-friendly.

What school or program are you enrolled in?
Dietrich for Biochemistry, Nursing Program at Pitt, Natural Sciences at Duquesne

What year of school is this for you?
Freshman and Sophomore at Pitt, Sophmore at Duquesne.