Roommate Request for Eliza

Contact Info

Name: ElizaLast Name: AdamGender: FemalePhone: 4843753443Work Phone:

Request Type: I need a roommate with an apartment

Maximum Monthly Rent per Person: $ 500.00

Location: South Oakland Central Oakland North Oakland West Oakland

How many roommates do you want/need? 1-5 roommates is okay with me. I don't really care.

Rental Features
I can live without a washer/dryer as long as coin laundry is close by. I don't need parking. I don't need air conditioning. I just need to be within a 20 minute walk of Pitt.

Indicate what you prefer in a roommate
I don't want to fight about cleaning. I want to sleep at night. No smoking. That's all I really care about. I don't mind pets, if you are grad or undergrad, gender doesn't matter to me either as long as I am not the only girl. Honesty and communication.

What school or program are you enrolled in?
I'm in the College of General Studies at Pittsburgh. I'm a natural sciences major.

What year of school is this for you?
I'm going to be a second semester sophomore in fall, and then a first semester junior in Spring. I'm 20.