Roommate Request for Andrew

Contact Info

Name: AndrewLast Name: PuglionesiGender: MalePhone: 6103221066Work Phone:

Request Type: I need a room taken over in an apartment

Maximum Monthly Rent per Person: $ 432.00

Estimated Monthly Utilities: $ 120.00

Location: Bloomfield

Address: 193 Morewood Ave, Apt 2

Unit Size: four-bedroom

Furnished or Unfurnished? Furnished

How many roommates do you want/need? 3

Rental Features
Hey! There are 3 spots open at my place on Morewood Avenue in Bloomfield (a few blocks from North Oakland) for an August-August (year-long) lease. One room will also be available June-August for a sublet. The rent is $432 + utilities. It's a 4 bedroom/1 bathroom apartment with a washer and dryer in the basement. It's in a really nice neighborhood and close to some cool spots in Bloomfield/Garfield/Shadyside. It's also a short walk from 54 and 71 A/C bus stops (both routes go through campus) and a mile on foot from both CMU and Pitt. My roommates will leave some bedroom furniture around. The address is 193 Morewood Ave, Apt 2.

Indicate what you prefer in a roommate
Gender and age don't matter to me. As long as we can get along (and I'm not very hard to get along with), we'll be fine. Unfortunately, though, we can't have pets in the apartment.

What school or program are you enrolled in?
B.S., Computer Science

What year of school is this for you?
I'm a senior heading into my last semester this fall, after which I'll be working.