Roommate Request for Brittany

Contact Info

Name: BrittanyLast Name: KnightGender: FemaleContact me by text only: 3302354386

Request Type: I need a room taken over in an apartment

Maximum Monthly Rent per Person: $ 850.00

Estimated Monthly Utilities: $ 20.00

Location: South Oakland

Address: 3609 Forbes Ave

Unit Size: 3 bedroom apartment need one room filled

Furnished or Unfurnished? Furnished

How many roommates do you want/need? 1

Rental Features
It's a 3 bedroom apartment located above suntan seekers and chipotle. It's honestly gorgeous and many people who live here love it. Our apartment comes furnished and your bedroom comes with a bed, dresser, desk, and wardrobe. It's nice hardwood floors, a nice big bathroom, laundry units, and we already have it decorated super cute.

Indicate what you prefer in a roommate
We are two girls on the softball team. We love to have fun and go out. We definitely want a girl who is cool and loves to have fun as well. No pets allowed please!

What school or program are you enrolled in?
I am currently in business school and my other room mate is majoring in communications.

What year of school is this for you?
Sophomore and Junior