Insurance Companies

All tenants are strongly encouraged to purchase renter's insurance*.

For a low annual premium, a renter can be covered for personal property loss and/or damages and personal injury liability for guests and visitors. Many leases now require tenants to provide proof of insurance coverage. Most major insurance companies offer renter's insurance. Check with your auto or life insurance company.

Parents' homeowners insurance also may provide coverage or offer favorable rates for a second policy.


Allstate Insurance
Dale Connelly
Allstate Insurance Company
The Randal Agency
1580 McLaughlin Run Road, Pittsburgh, PA  15241
Allstate Insurance
Blair R. Bogdan
412-655-3600 ot 412-551-6129

Buhl Insurance Agency(Allstate)
Darren Waite

National Student Services Inc.
Karen Gallagher
Frank Dileo Agency, Inc.
Elissa or Susan Dileco

All State Insurance

Dana Richter or email danarichter@all

3109 Forbes Avenue Suite 200