Find Off-Campus Housing in Pittsburgh with College Pads

We’ve partnered with College Pads to help students find off-campus housing in Pittsburgh! College Pads provides Panthers with an educational digital tool to help review leases, compare off-campus housing options, rent from high-rated landlords, find roommates, and sublet existing units.

“The College Pads platform helps students make safe, informed renting decisions because all of the verified housing options are in one place,” said College Pads CEO Dominic Anzalone. “Looking for housing used to be such a chore with driving around writing down phone numbers. Now all the listings are in one spot that students can trust.”

Our new site includes renter education video/quiz modules to help students successfully navigate the transition to off-campus life. Check out potential rentals via verified reviews, street views, and transit time calculators. These digital tools are especially helpful when students are remote and can’t easily visit properties in-person.

Listings on the site are purchased by landlords, whose property descriptions are created by College Pads staff, improving overall listing quality. If you are a landlord and interested in adding your property to our platform, please contact Kayla Babcock, Regional Market Developer at 414-386-5826 or