Off-Campus Living provides apartment listings that are excellent sources for determining what accommodations are available. The listings categories are:

How you go about the process of finding an apartment is just as important, so we encourage you to use the information and tools provided throughout this Web site, including the Renters’ Guide, Renters’ Checklist, Apartment Lease Guide, and Understanding Your Rental Responsibilities.

When looking for an apartment in Oakland and the surrounding area, keep in mind that timing is key, and the housing market around the University is driven by the academic calendar. Most leases start in August and last for 12 months.

Available apartments are plentiful in March, April, and May, but do not panic if you’re starting your search in June or July. You’ll still be able to find an apartment. Your search will be easier if you exercise flexibility about start dates, prices, and types of units.

According to City of Pittsburgh code, no more than three unrelated individuals are permitted to reside in one rental housing unit.  For more information refer to the Student Guide to Campus Life.


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